LORENZindustries Customer Feedback


LORENZindustries Customer Feedback
2.5 sway-a-way system
I am able to do a comparison of both LORENZ and Kore systems because I've had both under my truck and have put the same amount of miles on each. By far the Lorenz 2.5 system has gotten the job done and has been trouble free. Lorenz springs are better (holding up from sagging) and definitely, the service is unmatched compared to Kore.
Out here when we get rain it turns into a mud pit, after it dries the roads become solid concrete. With all of the heavy Oilfield Rig traffic, tractors, and full size trucks running through it, the roads become rutted, and the ruts turn concrete tough after a couple of days of baking in the sun. Bottom line the road conditions changed after the first rain. I called Sean discussed what I was experiencing traveling the roads and how the suspension was working. He suggested the adjustments we could make with valving to accommodate the terrain I drive in. That day he had my new valving sent out for me to install. And away I went smooth riding.
I travel anywhere from 200-350 miles off-road every day in North West New Mexico for work. I'm a Oilfield Automation Tech. 5 days a week these suspensions are/were put to the Real Test on the same truck. The Kore did not handle the terrain like I wanted. After a lot of massaging, a couple o-ring changes, and more than one valve job I sold the Kore "Race" kit. My experience with Kore I pocketed some cash, and bought the Lorenz 2.5 setup. I have not been disappointed yet with this Lorenz setup. So far I have had the Lorenz 2.5 setup for 43,000 hard off road miles and it is working like a proven suspension for me. The longevity has been there with this system and it's proven itself.
I recently bought another truck that will be getting Lorenz new 2.25 setup. Since this truck will not come close to seeing the off-road miles my work truck gets, the 2.25 system should fit the bill for when I do want to go play, hunt, and have fun outdoors with the truck. You can not go wrong with Lorenz in my opinion, my daily off roading experience over the past year has proven it.


LORENZindustries Customer Feedback
bilstein 5100 system
Sunday August 5th myself and two other 3rd Gen. Dodge CTD owners (x1 cameraman) did a comparison on the Carli Starter System, Lorenz Bilstein 5100 System & KORE Chase System. There has been a lot of people undecided on which type of system to buy or what really is the difference between these systems. Hopefully we can help some out. This is for people who use their trucks for daily driving and moderate off road use (average person w/ a $40,000 truck). Not for off road racing. Obviously this is not to see whose is better because the Kore System was a step higher than the Lorenz and Carli systems w/ the Fox 2.0 Shocks. The pros and cons for the different driving habits. All testing sites were done in Sacramento County, California. All truck owners alternated through all the trucks at least twice per testing section besides their own. Highway 50 for expansion joints (roughly 30 miles worth), Prairie City OHV Park for 1 ½ mile off road race track (consisted of whoops, incline, decline, rocks, heavy ruts and grooves. Some at least a foot deep), back country rough pavement road that lead into a gnarly gravel road (roughly 3 miles long), not too far from there is a mile long rode with speed bumps (roughly 6” high) spread approx. 25ft apart and keeping speeds at 50mph for more undulation conditions for city driving. Here are the results. It is based on ride and steering capabilities.
Kevin ‘05 CTD (Carli)
Kersten ‘04.5 CTD (KORE)
James ‘05 CTD (Lorenz)

A scale of 1-5:
(5) Outstanding
(4) Great
(3) good/average
(2) needs improvement
(1) Don't buy

Kevin's Results:
Rough Road/Gravel: KORE (3), Carli (4), Lorenz (4)
Highway Expansion Joints: KORE (3), Carli (4), Lorenz (4)
Off Road Track: KORE (3), Carli (4), Lorenz (4)
Undulations/Whoops: KORE (4), Carli (3), Lorenz (3)

James Results:
Highway Expansion Joints- Kore (4), Carli (4), Lorenz (4)
Rough Roads/Gravel- Kore (3), Carli (4), Lorenz (4)
Off Road Track- Kore (3), Carli (4), Lorenz (4)
Undulations/Whoops- Kore (4), Carli (3), Lorenz (3)

Kersten Results
Rough Roads/Gravel- Kore (3), Carli (3), Lorenz (4)
Highway Expansion Joints- Kore (3), Carli (3), Lorenz (4)
Off road Track- Kore (3), Carli (4), Lorenz (4)
Undulations/Whoops- Kore (4), Carli (3), Lorenz (3)

Lorenz truck-My favorite all around ride. It handled the expansion joints the best, keeping the truck fairly level with little bounce. Very little sway in high speed turns. Steering felt good. Some wheel hop in the undulation test. Off roads it felt similar to the Carli. A little more control in the rough stuff. I recommend the Lorenz if you're looking for a great all around suspension.
NOTE: The Lorenz truck is running"D" rated tires. I believe running "E's" will stiffen the ride and affect it's handling, perhaps producing a harder ride. I'm happy with the results of the comparison, I believe we were fair in grading the systems.I think if we did this over again with the 3 systems, but matched with equal tires/trucks (i.e. stick vs. auto), the results may have been a little different, but not by much. I'm glad I didn't bet money against the Lorenz for this test!


43 --------------Carli Suspension
40 --------------KORE To read the entire thread, please click the link below


LORENZindustries Customer Feedback
bilstein 5100 system with dual purpose leafs
As we roll over 25,000 miles on our Dodge Ram 3500 Mega Cab, most of it hauling or towing, we have finally chosen our suspension system. After much research and feedback from other Ram owners we have turned to Lorenz Industries. Lorenz Industries specializes in Dodge Ram Suspension systems and only sells direct to the customer - no dealers. This means lower prices and excellent customer service. We spoke directly with Sean about our needs and questions and received answers very promptly.... The front suspension is composed of new Bilstein 5100 shocks, Lorenz extended sway
bar links, and Lorenz HD 2" Lift Coil Springs. You have two options on the coil springs. For a stock bumper the springs have a 6% increased spring rate and for a heavy duty winch bumper you can choose new coils with a 23% increased spring rate.... The installation is fairly simple. Remove the unbolts on one side and loosen them on the
other side. Remove the front of the OEM spring pack. Remove the upper shackle bolt on the rear of the OEM spring pack. Remove the OEM spring and then move the rear shackle to your new spring pack. Slide in the Lorenz Industries dual leaf spring pack. Attach the front of the spring. Attach the rear shackle. Install the new unbolts. Do the same on the other side and you are done with the springs.... With the installation complete we loaded up the truck and trailer and headed out for a weekend with our toys. Since we were loaded down we had the bump stops installed and did not get to test the suspension unloaded. We will do that during hunting season and report back in Phase 2. With the suspension loaded we did not notice a big difference in how our Dodge Ram rode which is really what we expected. We expect to see the difference when unloaded.

To see the entire article, please click the link below


LORENZindustries Customer Feedback
My favorite all-around ride. It handled the expansion joints the best, keeping the truck fairly level with little bounce. Very little sway in high-speed turns. Steering felt good. Some wheel hop in the undulation test. Off-road, it felt similar to the Carli. A little more control in the rough stuff. I recommend the Lorenz if you're looking for a great all-around suspension.
( Note: The Lorenz truck is running D-rated tires. I believe running Es will stiffen the ride and affect its handling, perhaps producing a harder ride.)
-Excerpt from 4 Wheeler Magazine


LORENZindustries Customer Feedback
bilstein leveling system
I installed the Lorenz leveling kit on my 2006 3500 Mega Cab . I still have a grin from ear to ear . A noticeable difference in the ride with less body roll and it has a smooth ride. The truck is a perfect height. It is level and clean looking. I definitely need to get the Bilstein shocks for the rear since they ride great in the front. Installation was smooth and not difficult. My buddy and I had everything done in just over 3 hours. The toughest part was getting the stock shock off since the top bolt was on tight and the shock would spin when you tried to take it off. We just used a dremel to grind a flat spot to grab it, sprayed a little WD-40 on the nut and off it came. If a certified public accountant and his friend (who is knowledgeable about cars and trucks) can do it, anyone can. This installation was a walk in the park compared to when I installed a Fabtech lift on a 1994 Ram 1500 2WD back in college (12+ years ago). Overall review – 5 stars. Great product, nice people and easy installation. Anyone looking to level their truck, the couple extra bucks is worth it. It is basically the same installation as what you would do (or pay) for the spacers, but you get a better ride and nice look


LORENZindustries Customer Feedback
bilstein leveling system
Just got my kit yesterday about 5:00pm and had it installed by 7:20pm, let me tell you what, this thing drives like a caddy now, looks sweet too, gotta save up for the rear mini packs now, way way better then the leveling blocks that I put on my 2003, my wife was not to happy about me spending $600 on it until I took her for a ride down a local road that we drive that is rough and she was very impressed, she said she wished her Jeep Liberty rode this nice.


LORENZindustries Customer BuildupI took the dodge on the Whiplash track in Snowflake, AZ last weekend in the rain. Tons of mud everywhere and the suspension worked perfectly. All the rhinos and one JK jeep were amazed at my Dodge’s ability to keep up with them. Proved the suspension yet again.


bilstein leveling system
LORENZindustries Customer BuildupThese photos were out on a ranch near Sonnette, Montana last weekend. We were out there moving cattle around a friend's ranch. The roads were snowpacked and ice covered and the hills in and out of the place (25 miles or so off the nearest paved road) were quite steep. Hence the need for chains on all four. Your suspension (Levelling System in the front with Bilsteins) performed flawlessly.


2.25 Sway-a-way system with dual purpose leafs
LORENZindustries Customer Buildup
I thought you'd want some feedback on my purchase of your 2.25 system.  I've had some time now to fully evaluate it  since we got it in early June.  Right off, I am very happy with the all-around improvement in the handling and response of the truck to a wide variety of on- and off-road issues.  As a reminder, I've got a '09 2500 diesel, usually driven on-road with little load, and sometimes on- and off-road with a heavy load (Outfitter Apex camper).  On-road the suspension is far more supple, smoothly rolling over most obstacles.  Even large speed bumps are much smoother.  When hitting high speed dips on the interstate, there is virtually no front-to-back sway like before – they are dampened out immediately.
But I (and my wife!) am most happy with handling with the Outfitter in the truck bed and going off-road.  We just returned from a trip to western Colorado and eastern Utah that included about 100 miles of BLM and National Forest roads, some of which had some class 4 obstacles.  Everything about the truck's handling in these situations has significantly improved.  It's smoother over washboard.  It just feels more secure at all times.  But mostly the sway (front-to-back and side-to-side) has been totally eliminated!  Sway-a-Ways are aptly named! 
Once again, we are totally satisfied and thanks for putting together a product that delivers as advertised, and then some.
- Robert L


LORENZindustries Customer BuildupI installed your Bilstein Leveling kit. I took my time and did it in 4 hrs. The ride is really nice now; firmer, tighter in the turns, yet still smooth on the road. I just wanted to say thanks for the great customer service & a good product.
- Rob T


BILSTEIN 5100 SYSTEM with dual purpose leafs
LORENZindustries Customer BuildupThe results are exactly what I was after. I couldn't be happier with the look and ride and I'm very particular. 800 lbs in the bed (ATV pic) lowers rear 1/2". Gooseneck empty (6k aprox weigh) lowers rear 3/4". Goose with tractor (5k additional aprox weigh) lowers rear 1" to make truck about level. Flex was limited by the Timbren overloads as you can see in the pics.
Thanks again for all your help Sean.
- Rick B


LORENZindustries Customer BuildupJust a photo from a very satisfied customer! I've been riding on your 2" coil leveling kit for over a year now...LOVE IT! I've been trying to send as much business your way as possible as people constantly ask about "my best upgrades".
Thanks for all the help...
- Chas S


2.25 Sway-a-way SYSTEM
LORENZindustries Customer BuildupI'm using the 2.25 SAW system on my '07 2500 CTD w/ a Northstar 2,000# popup with good success. It fits the bill for me without killing my wallet. However, my rear valving was not quite up to the task. Upon reporting it to Sean,he personally revalved the rear shocks in short order and I'm back on the road, a happy camper! Thanks Sean for the prompt customer service!
- Dave


Bilstein leveling SYSTEM
LORENZindustries Customer BuildupI purchased a Bilstein Leveling kit with 6% springs and added Bilstein shocks for the rear. The install went smooth and the ride is 10 times better than stock. Thanks for putting together a leveling kit at a great price.
- Shawn

2.25 Sway-a-way SYSTEM
LORENZindustries Customer BuildupAfter about 3000 miles, these springs finally settled. The ride is just awesome in the front! I am out today in the razor back road country I was telling you about. It seems to be dialed in now. It is not rough anymore going over the razor backs. Sean, great job on bringing it all together for me, great ride.
- John


bilstein leveling SYSTEM
LORENZindustries Customer Buildup I wanted to send you an email to say thanks and I am very happy with your product. I ordered the Bilstein Leveling Kit and it is the trinity of leveling kits: 1) Daily driving ride is better than stock 2) Off-road the truck rides and handles better 3) the truck looks great.

The install was easy and my buddy and I had it done in just under 3 hours. If a CPA (certified public accountant) and his city building inspector buddy (granted he worked at Vortech superchargers in the engineering department for several years) could install the kit quickly, I am sure it would be easy for most people. You guys have a great product. Thanks again for shipping the shocks and coils quickly.


2.25 Sway-a-way SYSTEM
LORENZindustries Customer BuildupSean, This kit is flat out amazing! I can't believe how much of a difference there is over the stock suspension. The install went really smooth and the instructions provided were great. I was able to install it by myself in about 5 hours. Thanks for putting together an awesome suspension kit for a affordable price!!
- Jeff


2.25 Sway A Way system with dual purpose leafs
Just wanted to update you that since putting the system on I have now put about 270,000 miles on the truck, mostly towing and off road, and have to say it has held up great. I have had no failures yet and the truck has been pushed hard with over 1000 hp and no light use of the pedal. It has been used in all kinds of conditions from Florida mud and swamps, to California deserts, and even in the Alaska back country and ice roads, and performed flawlessly in all. There has been no noticeable change in the ride or handling, but it has been run on mud tires for a quarter million miles, towed 16,000 pounds almost daily and sees weekly trail use.  The shocks are still in great shape externally and have no signs of leakage or rust, even the pitting on the exposed shafts is next to nothing.
- Jon T
stabilizer bar extended links
Earlier this week, I installed the Lorenz Stabilizer Bar Extended Links, that I purchased from Geno's Garage, on my 2003 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins Turbo Diesel 4x4. I replaced the old, rusted, broken, inadequate factory OEM link ends with the Extended Links. I just wanted to take the opportunity to let you know how very pleased I am with how much better the Extended Links make my truck handle. The difference is like night and day! In addition to the Extended Links, I also installed some Lukes Links polyurethane track bar bushings and a set of Energy Suspension replacement sway bar bushings as well. I know that stuff contributed to the overall improvement, but it was definitely the extended links that made the biggest difference. I just cannot get over how much better my truck handles in turns! My truck totally hugs the road and at no time do I ever feel as if I'm going to loose traction going around any curve at any reasonable speed. This was one of the best upgrades that I have done to my Dodge and well worth the money too! All in all, the sway bar Extended Links are a great product and I'm glad I have them on the my truck!
- Tim L
Bilstein leveling system with rear shocks
I installed the Leveling Kit, the 4 new Bilstein 5100 shocks, and the SwayBar End Links and the truck rides and drives so much better than before. The installation was seamless and only took a couple of hours. This is one of the best add-ons that I've done to my truck, and I am going to add the leaf springs next. Thanks for all of your help.
2.25 Sway-A-way system with Dual purpose leafs
Sean: You and I have had several recent conversations regarding my 2006 Dodge Quadcab diesel 2500 4x4 and my part-time use of a slide-in type camper manufactured by Four Wheel Pop-Up camper which I estimate has a loaded weight of 1,000 - 1,200 lbs. I just ordered the 2.25 Sway-Away system with Dual purpose rear leafs upgrade, Your assistance in my purchasing decision is greatly appreciated, and mirrors the high praise you are often accorded on websites I have visited. Thanks again.
Just want to let you know that your leveling kit is the most bulletproof, high quality kit that I have ever put on my truck, and it gives the truck a great stance as well.
I put all but the mini packs (2.25 system) on my 2001 3500 4x4 about 2-1/2 weeks ago. It instantly changed the ride for the better. I got a chance to drive my “nightmare” section of I-40 where previously the truck would “porpoise” so bad that any speed over 60 mph it would bounce out of control. I hit the section at 70 mph with traffic & it was smooth as a Caddy. I got the new mini packs on a week ago & the ride is just right in the rear, the sharp reactions to broken pavement are gone. The 2.25 System w/IR coils has provided the change I was looking for.
Bilstein leveling SYSTEM
Well, I wanted to let you know that I just recently had your HD level kit installed on my truck with new 5100's. Wow, what a difference it made not only in looks but in ride as well. I cant wait to see how it performs off-road!
Thanks again for answering my questions in the past and
thanks for making such a great product!!!
- Lance
bilstein leveling system
I just wanted to let you know the install went great... No problems!
I installed the kit myself in about 3 hours. Everything fit with no problems.
The truck now looks like it should and rides GREAT! Thanks for all your responses to my questions and for making a great product!
- Doug
Sean, thank you for the follow up. Right now I am saving up to buy the suspension system I had inquired about a while ago. You answered all of the questions I have as of now. Thank you again for the follow up. That shows me you care and don't forget about anyone. I WILL be buying your product when I have the funds to do so. What you have done is show me that I will never have a question unanswered. You have taken your time to follow up on someone who hasn't even purchased anything from you yet. That goes a long ways. Thanks, Sean.
Sean, This is just a follow up to tell you once again how much I appreciate what you've done to help me get the SwayAWay shocks once again back under my vehicle. You went WAY above and beyond what any other vendor would have done, and for that you've got a lifetime customer. With your wonderful intervention and pulling a completely new set of shocks out of your own inventory and shipping them to me, I now have my truck back the way it should be. Firm ride, great control and NO bottoming out on nasty dips or expansion joints while pulling my airboat. Again Sir, I thank you ever so much for your great customer service. Take care and be safe. Respectfully, a truly satisfied customer for life.
- Brian
Sean, Huge thanks for all your help resolving my ride issues! We have installed the IR Coils, extend Links, Dual Springs and upgraded the steering stabilizer on my 2008 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel and the ride is hugely improved. I have no bucking when traveling on concrete highways and it rides like it is on glass when traveling on asphault roads. All of your ideas and suggestions were of great help and I am a Lorenz convert. -Huge thanks,
Well the kit is in and I wanted to let you know that it not only made a very impressive difference it passed the wife test with flying colors. I was going to get up early Saturday morning and start on it but I could not sleep so Friday night at 10:30pm I got up and could not wait anymore. By 5:30 Saturday morning the kit was installed and the truck was sitting on the ground. After the install I measured again and found that I had gained a 1/2 inch on the driver's side and 7/8 inch on the passenger side and it now sits level with the bottom edge of the wheel well measuring 41 1/8 inches. I took it up our gravel road which was all washboard and was totally impressed. When Peggy got up I took her for a ride and up the same road and down this pavement and she really liked it a lot. She now calls it HER truck and she wants big tires on it. My very good friend, Guy came out and I let him drive it and he took it up the same road and down the pavement but he dived down the ditch to drive over mole hills and thought he had better get this suspension too.
- Lloyd