Central CA

The things boys geek out about: Dodge Ram Diesel 3500 Cab & Chassis Freightliner designed frame, 360 miles hand calculated... Are you sitting down? 23.20 MPG

The things boys geek out about:
Dodge Ram Diesel 3500 Cab & Chassis Freightliner designed frame, 360 miles hand calculated… Are you sitting down?
23.20 MPG

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Today is the first time I’ve seen her in person and I approve. Old folks are giving us a thumbs up as they pass her going down the freeway. I’ve never had this much attention, it’s making us blush. I’m smitten.

The dichotomy between generations is something that has me scratching my head. <30 year olds have no idea what is passing them. Part of me thinks that the younger generations doesn’t know what quality Craftsmanship is, even if it smacked them in the face, but, I’m probably stretching that theory a bit.

1946 SPARTAN by Getty (yes that Getty we learned about in High School Literature Class)


Lake Elsinore, CA

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This is the last race of the Lucas Oil Regional Season, and may be the last full season of my short course racing career. I’m transitioning into racing King of the Hammers Rock Crawling events, a run up Pikes Peak, a couple SCCA AutoCross and some GP Events in the Kawasaki for 2015. Come one come all. It’s a good cheap time.

It’s this Saturday at Lake Elsinore. Showing up in Temecula around 12pm should get you there in time for the SR1 Race and Main Event at the Lake Elsinore Track.

San Diego, CA

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At FOX laying down the foundation for the new ‪#‎XPcamper‬ Special, LorenzIndustries DODGE Shocks. Marc‘s clients will be stoked with the magic carpet ride.

Setting up the Race Program secret sauce for the 2015 ‪#‎KAWASAKI‬ ‪#‎TeamGreen‬ T4, Desert and KOH build. I hear a count down to 3.0 Internal Bypass’. Brian , are you up to strapping your arms to a new project for 2015?

I’m pretty stoked to be pictured on the wall with the likes of the McMillins and RodAmp. Even more stoked that our ‪#‎LORENZstudio‬ Aluminized Print outshines every other image in the room of Off-Road Legends! Good work Suzy. Many Many years of work has accumulated to get to this point in life, and I’m still stoked on the small stuff that continues to put us on top. I mean really, who geeks out about valve washers and pistons for decades, and still continues to enjoy it?