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Ramona, CA






Its been almost a year, on and off, working on this Vintage Spartan Trailer by Getty, but she’s finally in place, on the mountain side, in front of the rock cliff at the Ranch. I’ve been clearing out the existing road that Archie Moore built to get to his indoor boxing ring, just for this moment. We definitely had our doubts on being able to pull off the move. The 1946 Trailer sits next to the old barn that Mohamed Ali and Archie Moore used to train in at the “Salt Mine Camp.” The picture below is of Ali and Moore sparing in that ring, that once was, and it makes me super proud to know my family is here now. My Grandfather, Golden Gloves in the Navy, took a couple rounds in that ring with the best of the best way back when. There’s so much amazing history on this land. Thanks for letting me indulge.

It took two men, a specially equipped Dodge (bed remove to get an extra 2′ of turning radius out of the 60′ rig), a bobcat, a couple chainsaws and a half of a day to back the beast up the windy embankment onto her final resting pad. The next 70 years will be the best years of her life. She’s getting the special treatment of a polish and complete interior gut and rebuild.

She rests just a 100′ from where the greatest boxers of the world trained in about the same years that she was born.